Reflection: The Trinity

Man. What a week being back at the island. We were blessed by our speaker Glenn Kreider the last few days teaching us and asking us tough questions about the Trinity. We went through not only characteristics of each part of the trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), but Glenn also addressed different arguments against the Trinity and talked us through scripture why these arguments are false.

To be honest, I have always just accepted how completely unfathomable the Trinity is, by faith. I’ve always thought, “Okay. This is one of those things in the Bible that I’m never going to understand until I’m face to face with my creator, and I’m okay with that. Why hurt my brain trying to figure out something that is beyond my human brain capacity?” And I was okay with that. I still am for the most part, but I think this thinking also can scare me when this topic comes up. It’s so easy to just say, “Well I can never fully understand it, so why talk and ask questions about it?” I guess I back myself up into a corner away from it, because it’s too difficult to find or answer those questions.

I’ve never really dug into the word and what it says about each individual persons within the God-head. What is each one’s role? What unique characteristics does each posses? I’ve never even really thought about it. How sad is that? That’s what my challenge has been this week and if YOU have been in the same boat I’ve been in, then I challenge you also. Take a look at scripture. What does it say about God the Father? What does it say about God the Son? What does it say about the Holy Sprit? How are they different? How are they unique? What are their individual roles? Do it. I dare you. It will be hard, but you might start to think and see the Trinity in a different light than you have before. I don’t (and will NEVER) have all the answers, and that is where my faith will have to come in of course, but just because I’m human and I’m a 24 year old girl that didn’t graduate with anything Bible related doesn’t mean I can’t ask God tough theological questions. I might just get some clarification from Him. 🙂


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